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How to wash your EMG Leotards for Parents on the go!

How to wash your EMG Leotards for Parents on the go!

November 10, 2021

Ideally we would like to come on here and encourage you to hand wash all your leotards.. but as a gymnasts parent we aren't clueless.. we know your life is hectic, dinners in the car after training etc.. We know that there may not always be time for this. 

So here is our step by step of washing gymnastics leotards.. but for busy parents who have lives!

Step 1: Turn your garment inside out.

This is a must do step! Don't skip this one parents!

Turning the leotard inside out helps to prevent snagging inside the machine, breakage of embellishments such as diamonds and it protects the front of the leotard in general.. after all this is the part others will see not the inside!

Comically put "Not the Face, Don't hit the Face"  SAME THING GOES HERE!

So just incase lets prevent any issues and just turn it inside out ok? 

Step 2: Individually Wash in a Cold Cycle with Mild Detergent.

Now, once again we are not naïve to the fact that time is an issue for you busy gymnastics parents.. so we give this as advice for the best practices in ensuring longevity of a leotard, however if in a pinch you can wash leotards with similar colors. But once again this is not encouraged.. but we don't frown upon it either...

WE do however frown upon washing your EMG leotard in a HOT CYCLE.. that is just asking for trouble. Our lovely leotards need to be washed in a Cold GENTLE cycle for delicates at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees (C) .

Treat them with love and care please.. after all they are our babies!!!

When washing we recommend using a very small amount mild detergent.

Step 3: Remove from Machine and Hang to Dry.

Right we know you're busy but we've given you a pass on using the machine so don't hate us too much... but ideally you don't want to leave your lovely EMG leotards sopping wet in the machine for hours on end. It's not good for the fabric or it's coloring.

Always remove your leotards from the machine and give them a good squeeze to remove excess water. 

Once removed from the machine Hang them to dry.



  • DO NOT allow the garment to soak. 
  • DO NOT use fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT dry clean.
  • DO NOT iron.
  • DO NOT tumble dry.
  • DO NOT lay flat to dry.
  • DO NOT fold to dry.

It is important to note that some wear is possible over time due to a number of reasons, some of which we have listed below:

  • Repeated wear and washing may cause the leotards fabrics to fade or lose foil.
  • Fabrics could potentially be damaged due to the rigorous asks of certain gymnastics routines.
  • Certain fabrics such as hologram, mesh and mystique are classified as special care or fragile fabrics.
  • Chemicals or Alcohols such as Aluminum Chloralhydrate in aerosol products such as hairspray, deodorants and also perfume and body lotions may affect the fabrics.
  • The perspiration of a gymnast and the deodorants they use may cause the fabrics to color to bleed, fade or lose foil, especially where the two colors meet under the arms.
  • Color transfer or fading may occur when damp garments are left in gym bags.
  • Piling may occur on some sublimated fabrics, Velcro and any other rough surfaces in the gymnastics center where your gymnasts trains can cause sometimes cause this. The back and bottom area of the leotard are more prone to pilling, this is an issue that is unavoidable and can occasionally occur due to the nature of the sublimated material.


We hope these tips help you!


Aimee & The EMG Team 

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